What Does Service Dog Insurance actually cover?

What Does Service Dog Insurance actually cover?

Generally, Service dogs are usually life-changing for people with physical, sensory, or mental disabilities. While a service dog and a typical pet form bonds with their families and people at large, proper training are given to a service dog to mitigate a physical, mental or psychological disability.

However, for one to be professional in service dog handling, it requires time, discipline, a lot of training, patience, and very often substantial financial resources. Some people decide to get a service dog provided by a professional trainer or organization, while others enroll in online courses so that they can train their own service dog, create a strong bond with their dog partner, and of course; save some money.

A service dog is trained in such a way that it will perform the task that the owner cannot perform themselves due to their health conditions outside this responsibility, a cannot be regarded as a service dog. Dog insurance is a form of insurance that is often overlooked by dog owners. But, it can help save you from unexpected expenses when your animal or dog has an emergency.

Looking at the status of service dogs as well as the costs to receive and raise one, one may likely be tempted to ask – which services would help people with disabilities to receive a service dog, and what are the costs for a service animal covered by health insurance or medical programs?

Service dog Insurance is a health care policy for your dog that will provide reimbursement for specific health expenses that are covered by the policy. While pet insurance can help protect your finances, not all dog insurance policies are created equal — you must understand what is covered before choosing a policy for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us look at the questions one after the other.

1. Do you know that service dog insurance is a very good option for a person with a disability?

2. What will it cost me to get a service dog for myself?

3. What do you think service dog insurance covers?

4. When is my coverage going to start?

5. Do service dog insurance premium increase with age?

Do you know that service dog insurance is a very good option for a person with a disability?

Basically, the average service dog undergoes between 1-2years of the proper training before it can ever be placed with the disabled owner who also has to undergo some physical training before taking possession of the dog. Even though the dogs are highly expensive to train, breed, and maintain, most medical insurance policies don’t cover the cost. The policies help you cover the cost of veterinary treatment and medical expenses when a dog gets injured or gives injury to another dog or person.

service dogs are raised for temperament, intelligence, and suitability to the task they are expected to perform. As such, they are often bred from top working lines that are more expensive than the average puppies.

What will it cost me to get a service dog for myself?

To get your service dog insured and how much the insurance would cover is highly related to the dog’s breed and the issues that could be expected in the future. Fortunately, there is a variety of insurance companies and plans so that you will be able to find the most suitable one for you.

Compared to the insurance for a pet (service dogs are not considered pets, as it has been trained to perform specific tasks), the insurance for a service dog could be up 10 times more expensive. People interested in having a service dog should carefully consider the associated costs. Daily care, food, veterinarian checks, and lab tests are only a part of the costs that need to be covered.

With that in mind, we can say that a service dog can be seen as a real investment people need to manage carefully. If your service dog is a representative of a “risk breed” you need to expect even more expensive insurance. Do service dog insurance premium increase with age? the answer to this question is stated below

Do service dog insurance premium increase with age?

It is very important to know that the age range of a particular dog, determines the premium charges. Coverage for senior dogs requires a high premium

Health risks experts tend to increase as the dog ages, so enrolling an older dog will be significantly more expensive than insuring a younger one (Puppies). Once your dog is insured, you can expect the premiums to increase as your dog gets older.

Some service dog insurance companies have maximum enrollment ages for certain policies, such as 9 or 11 years; immediately after this age, you won’t be able to enroll your dog. If you enroll before your dog reaches the cutoff age, coverage will typically continue regardless of your dog’s age, as long as there are no gaps in coverage. Your best option is to find a carrier that has no age limit.

What do you think service dog insurance covers?

Even though your own medical insurance does not cover the cost of getting a service dog, once you have one, you can protect this investment with an insurance policy for the dog.

There exist a variety of pet insurance plans and services dog insurance coverage that may be an alternative for you. All the work is much like the plans you might get for yourself. Like insurance policy plans in humans, they also have policies and premiums. the pet insurance plan also limits how much or what they will cover. They include

-Health insurance (vet bills)

A service dog might acquire sickness, get an injury or even need medical assistance from a vet. very unfortunate that not all medical insurance plans will cover the cost of obtaining a service dog.

Not standing, a service dog has great value, and insurance for service dogs are mostly not included in the list of health insurance company. This is because they are prohibitively expensive for most people to buy and own. Most of the areas they look into include

a. Dental care – covered on some pet insurance policies, but not all. Usually covers dental care required due to accident, illness, or injury, but not for cosmetic work.

b. Alternative treatments – such as homeopathy, acupuncture, and physiotherapy – can be covered through your pet insurance if recommended by a vet.

 c. vet costs – including a range of treatments for accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

-Medical insurance

There exist some state and federal medical coverage offered by Medicare and Medicaid that meets many of the ongoing healthcare needs of your service dog. All the same, known of this program covers the cost of service dog insurance. As a matter of fact, there is no health insurance, even from private companies, that covers service animal expenses.

When is my coverage going to start?

After you purchase insurance, there will be a waiting period in which some coverage is restricted. Waiting periods are determined by the insurance company involved, so it’s important to check before you sign up. Most waiting periods last only 14 days and above.


Service dog insurance is not covered by health insurance. This is because most medical plans are not related to coverage of service animals’ costs. Due to the fact that obtaining and raising a service animal is considered very expensive, and many people can not afford such, health insurance companies usually do not include service animals in their policies.

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