Cover Note, Meaning and Policies.

What Is Cover Note?

The introduction of a cover note is to protect the insured within the period in which the company may not be busy to inspect the risk or administratively busy but still want to secure and safeguard the risk, a cover note will be issued to stand against the contract.

It is temporarily given as proof that someone is insured until the final official documents are made available to the insured.

Meaning of cover Note:

A cover note is a temporary motor insurance cover issued to the insured which has a life span of 30 to 60 days depending on the agreement. Nobody is supposed to use a motor vehicle on the road without an insurance certificate. This was stipulated on the sec. 147 of the road traffic Act of 1972.

It can also be viewed that a cover note is of great importance, this is because it is the confidence of the insured within the certain periods pending the issuance of the final documents or certificate. It is a temporary document issued by the insurance company that stands as proof of insurance coverage until the final insurance coverage is issued.


In the event of purchasing a motor vehicle with a loan, the cover note can possibly stand as proof against the transaction. This is because the lending bodies won’t allow the individual purchasing the vehicle to drive it off the slot without insurance, in such a case, the cover note can assume the place of the insurance certificate.

A typical cover note contains the following:

a. The registration mark of the vehicle and its make

b. The name and the address of the insured

c. The use to which the vehicle is to be put

d. The date and time of the commencement of the cover.

e. The statement that the cover risk is issued in accordance with the latest road traffic act.

f. The term of the policy is applicable.


We have earlier stated categorically that a cover note is a temporary document given to the insured by the insurance company as proof of insurance coverage.

We also stated the policies contained in the covenant note, among which include, the name and address of the insured, the registration make of the vehicle insured e.t.c

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